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Center for Climate Change

  1. Establishing the State Climate Change Centre under NMSKCC in the State of Karnataka - DST 1st Phase 

  2. Impact of Climate Change on Sericulture in Karnataka and Implementation of Adaptation and Mitigation Technologies at Farmers Level 

  3. Vulnerability of Diverse Communities to Climate Change from two districts of Karnataka

  4. Understanding and projecting the effect of climate change on native bee species and its implication on crop production

  5. Understanding anthropogenic impact on bee pollinators A study under different cultivation practices and changing land-use pattern

  6. Studies on Plastic Degrading Microbes Isolated from Soil

  7. A Study of Heavy Metal Concentration in Vegetable Crops Irrigated by Different Sources of Water

  8. Understanding Institutional Initiatives (Civic) in Solid Waste Management – A Study of Bengaluru city

  9. Butterflies as Climate Change Indicator- A Study in different eco-climatic zones of Karnataka Phase-II

  10. Mapping Climate Change Vulnerability: An assessment of Water Resources Sector across different districts of Karnataka

  11. Climate Risk Assessment in Agriculture in Different Agro Climate Zones of Karnataka

  12. Estimation of Photosynthetic Potential of dominant Mangrove species in different Osmotic Environment

  13. Exploring the Potential of Microalgae for Carbon Capture, Biomass Production and Bioremediation

  14. Impact of Climate Change on population under Poverty for Karnataka

  15. A Revisit to the Long-Term Research Sites in Tropical Forests of Karnataka

  16. Vulnerability Profile of Karnataka State District Level Vulnerability Assessment

  17. Exploring the potential of terrestrial indoor plants for moderating the effect of climatic conditions in urban areas

  18. Promoting Green Buildings to Combat Climate Change A Study of Bengaluru

  19. Urban Planning Characteristics to Mitigate Climate Change in Context of Urban Heat Island Effect

  20. Assessing Metro Rail system as a Means of Mitigation Strategy to Climate Change

  21. Assessing Double Injustice of Peri-urban Water Resources around Bangalore

  22. Ecological Research on Soil Carbon Storage in Karnataka

  23. Climate Change, Urbanization and the Housing Sector in Karnataka A Pilot Study on Energy

  24. Agroforestry as a Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy for Karnataka

  25. Urbanization and its Effects on Lizards A Study from a Climate Change Perspective

  26. Butterflies as Indicators of Climate Change-A Baseline Study in Bangalore City

  27. Impact of Climate Change on Incidence of Vector-Borne Diseases and Vulnerability Mapping for Karnataka

  28. Estimation of GHG Emissions from Selected Municipal Solid Waste Landfills and Processing Units of Urban Bangalore

  29. Establishing a Baseline for Monitoring Sea Turtle Nesting Sites on the Karnataka Coast through Coastline Mapping

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